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Jenaer Glas

Inspired by Bauhaus design, Jenaer Glas is a functional collectible. Made from borosilicate glass - the same material as test tubes - it’s high resistance to heat and cold make Jenaer an elegant addition to a working kitchen.

Set Descending Direction

  1. Jenaer Glas Jenaer Egg Coddler 2.2oz
  2. Jenaer Glas Jenaer Teapot with Lid and Filter 50.6oz
  3. Jenaer Glas Jenaer Cheese Dome 9.5"
  4. Jenaer Glas Jenaer Egg Coddler 16oz
  5. Jenaer Glas Jenaer Egg Coddler 8.4oz
Set Descending Direction

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