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Reverie Collection

Reverie Collection: Designed in collaboration with Chef Johnny Spero

Collection N°1

Collection n°1

Chef's Collection Reverie

Potato tortellini, fermented turnip butter, white truffle by @ChefManning from Longoven, Richmond, VA
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Cloud Terre® x Fortessa® brings a bespoke approach to the tableware industry by combining the beauty of traditional craft pottery with a refined design methodology. This methodology considers every element of creating a piece: how it will be used and stored, it’s durability, and even the subtle sound it will make as it’s placed on a table.

Designed in the USA and manufactured with proprietary glaze recipes, each piece has an artisanal look and feel. Cloud Terre® x Fortessa® dinnerware enables everyone to experience Amber’s unique design vision.


Founded by designer and ceramicist Amber Kendrick in 2009, Cloud Terre originates from her multi-disciplinary background in architecture, ceramics, and dance. Through a non-linear artistic journey, Kendrick perfected a bespoke approach to tableware design for the culinary world. Blending context and environment into every form while balancing functionality and aesthetics, Cloud Terre delivers one-of-a-kind dining experiences.

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