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B2B Sales

B2B Sales

To shop for your Retail Store

Click HERE or go to retailer.fortessa.com if this is YOU:

You are looking to purchase and resell Fortessa Tableware Solutions products in your store.

  • Tax resale certificate is required
  • All orders must be in case pack quantities
  • Login is required
  • Contact customer service at 703-787-0357 ext 1157 if you need assistance

To shop for your Restaurant:

Click HERE or go to www.SterlingRestaurantSupply.com if this is YOU:
You are looking for a virtual restaurant supply experience at Sterling Restaurant Supply, Fortessa Tableware Solutions’ designated online distributor.

To shop for any other commercial foodservice operation OR for Corporate account support:

Click HERE for contact information or go to www.ftsonline.com/catalogs to download a catalog. You can contact Fortessa Tableware Solutions at 1-800-296-7508 to be directed to a sales representative.